Paskha is a traditional Russian Easter dish consisting of ingredients which are forbidden during Lent, with the main ingredient being tvorog, curd cheese. It’s formed in the shape of a pyramid and decorated with religious symbols.

Here we see two paskhas, one with XB as an abbreviation for “Christ is risen” and the other with a cross.

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Russian Easter Food


I know that Orthodox Easter doesn’t happen until April 12th this year, but most of the readers of the Blini are from the US and Canada so I feel like I won’t be offending too many sensibilities by diving into Easter traditions this week.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be for paskha, Thursday and Friday for kulich, and Saturday for eggs, to which I’ll devote a whole week as we approach actual Russian Easter.

Happy Spring!

A Russian Orthodox Easter meal

See you tomorrow! –The Daily Blini

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